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Correct use method of alloy saw blade
2020-06-18 10:43:50

  Serration tooth shape and angle are determined according to factors such as processing object, sawing direction, sawing parameters and equipment structure. In order to meet the requirements of sawing, you first need to know the parameters of the speed, feed speed, processing object, cutting direction, cutting height, flange diameter and other parameters of your circular sawing machine

  The size of the sawtooth has been scientifically calculated to reduce the welding residual stress to a low level, and there is no pseudo welding and de-soldering phenomenon. When determining the length and thickness of the saw tooth, fully consider the wear characteristics of the front and rear tooth surfaces to ensure that the circular saw blade can be reground for 25 times. When sharpening, the tooth surface after re-grinding, the grinding amount is 0.25mm; the tooth surface before light grinding, the grinding amount is 0.05mm

  basic requirements:

  1. Select the appropriate saw blade according to the design requirements of the equipment.

  2. The equipped equipment should be equipped with safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, power failure brake, overload protection, etc.

  3. There are professional operators to install and use, and wear labor clothes, wear protective glasses, ear muffs, etc.

  4. The operator must not wear gloves, long hair should be placed in the work cap, and pay attention to the tie and cuffs to prevent danger.

  5. Keep away from fire and humid environment.

  Saw blade maintenance:

  1. If the saw blade is not used immediately, it should be laid flat or hung with the inner hole. Other articles or feet should not be stacked on the flat blade, and pay attention to moisture and rust.

  2. When the saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be reground in time. Grinding cannot change the original angle and disrupt the dynamic balance.

  3. The inner diameter correction of the saw blade, positioning hole processing, etc., must be performed by the manufacturer. If the processing is bad, it will affect the product's use effect and may be dangerous. In principle, the hole expansion should not exceed the original diameter of 20mm, so as not to affect the balance of stress.

  4. Selection of alloy grinding wheel.

  1) The bond strength of the resin bond diamond grinding wheel is weak, so the self-sharpness during grinding is good, it is not easy to block, the grinding efficiency is high, the grinding force is low, and the grinding temperature is low. The disadvantages are poor wear resistance and abrasive wear Large, not suitable for heavy-duty grinding.

  2) Ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels are superior to resin bond in wear resistance and bonding ability, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to generate heat and blockage, less thermal expansion, easy to control accuracy, disadvantages, rough grinding surface and high cost .

  3) The metal bond diamond grinding wheel has high bonding strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long life, low grinding cost, and can bear a large load, but it has poor sharpness and is easy to block.

  4) Abrasive particle size has a certain effect on the clogging and cutting amount of the grinding wheel. Compared with fine sand, coarse sand has a larger cutting depth and the wear of the cutting edge of the abrasive is increased, otherwise the grinding wheel is prone to clogging.

  5) The hardness of the grinding wheel has a great influence on the blockage. The high hardness of the grinding wheel has a high thermal conductivity, which is not conducive to surface heat dissipation, but it is conducive to improving processing accuracy and durability.

  6) The selection of grinding wheel concentration is an important feature. It has a great influence on grinding efficiency and processing cost. Too low a concentration affects efficiency. Conversely, abrasive particles are easy to fall off, but the bond concentration range is also very good.

  Circular saw blades choose different grades and granular carbides according to the cutting direction, processing objects and application occasions, etc., to ensure that the saw tooth hardness, impact toughness and wear resistance are perfectly matched. Improve the cutting quality of the workpiece, extend the durability of the circular saw blade and ensure the impact toughness of the saw teeth.

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