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Factors of blade break of woodworking circular saw
2020-06-18 11:12:44

  The saw blade of the circular saw machine has sprung teeth or excessive wear. It often happens in many companies that use metal circular saw machines. This is a common problem and it is also a headache for companies. After all, the consumption of saw blades is also a big expense for enterprises. . So is there any way to minimize this loss?

  First of all, let's analyze the reasons for the damage of the blade of the circular saw:

  1. The blade is not installed correctly

  The blade of the circular saw machine must also be correctly installed. Check it several times. Incorrect installation will not only break the blade of the metal circular saw machine but also affect the service life of the circular saw machine;

  2. Ampere meter setting is incorrect

  Incorrect setting of the ammeter will cause damage to the saw blade and damage to the machine

  3. Circular saw machine cleaning work is not in place

  Especially the iron scraps inside, no matter how small the iron scraps are not cleaned in time, will increase the breakage rate of the circular saw blade and consume too fast;

  4. Metal circular saw blades must be handled lightly

  In order to avoid the unevenness caused by accidentally falling on the ground, the surface of the saw blade of the circular saw machine is not smooth enough and the friction is increased.

  5. Cutting speed is too fast

  The cutting speed is related to the cutting material. For different materials, the cutting speed should be adjusted in accordance with the requirements in time. Many companies adjust the cutting speed blindly in order to cut fast, resulting in damage to the metal circular saw blade, which is also the blade damage The root cause;

  6. The cutting material is dirty

  This situation is relatively rare. Some companies cut materials that are dirty, but companies do not pay attention to it. Often, the materials are directly sent to the machine for cutting, and the materials to be cut are never cleaned first. This is a wrong consciousness because the materials There are a lot of dust, iron filings, even dirt, etc., these will bring a lot of friction when cutting metal circular saw blades, of course, the friction of large circular saw blades wears out too quickly;

  7. The working time of the circular saw machine is too long

  Usually because the company may work more than 12 hours a day or even 24 hours a day in order to speed up production. In this case, the load of the circular saw blade will increase, the circular saw blade will not be buffered, and the wear is too fast. Inevitable

saw blade of the circular

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