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Matters needing attention in the use of small diameter saw blades
2020-06-18 11:01:51

  Matters needing attention in the use of small diameter saw blades

  1. The operator should wear relevant protective equipment before operation: such as safety shoes, safety glasses, safety helmet, ear protection.

  2. The cutting machine should have a protective cover or other safety devices.

  3. Check whether the saw blade is damaged or severely deformed before use. If it is damaged, it is strictly prohibited to use.

  4. Check whether there is dirt on the chuck of the cutting machine. If there is dirt, it should be cleaned and then installed. Whether the main shaft bearing or main shaft or sleeve is badly worn. If the wear is serious, replace the new sleeve or equipment.

  5. When installing the saw blade, the direction marked on the saw blade must be consistent with the direction of rotation of the cutting machine. Inconsistent directions are likely to cause inability to move.

  6. If it is a wet cutting blade, please add enough cooling water.

  7. If using a dry cutting blade, dry cutting must be idle for a few seconds every 10 to 15 seconds to cool the blade. For larger cutting depths, it should be cut in steps. When the dry cutting blade is water cooled to cut, The effect will be better.

  8. Curve cutting and side grinding are not allowed in the cutting process. Curve cutting and side grinding are used to easily cause saw blade cracks, falling blocks or broken substrates.

  9. If the cutting is inclined, the cutting depth should not be too large. Be sure to pay attention to safety during the cutting process. Try not to put your body and saw blade on a flat surface. If you hear an abnormal sound during cutting, you should stop cutting immediately. Check whether the blade is damaged, or whether the blade fixing screw is loose.

  10. If the saw blade is clogged during use, the saw blade will become dull. Please re-open with a ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick (opening is to cut ten knife on the ceramic grinding wheel or refractory brick), which can be restored after re-opening Sharpness.

  11. When noise or vibration is encountered during the cutting process, stop immediately and check whether the saw blade has cracked or dropped. If cracks and dropped blocks occur, a new blade needs to be replaced.

  12. When cutting, the blade of the saw blade is more than 2mm beyond the cutting material to reduce the edge of the material being cut.

  13. If the saw blade aperture does not match the cutting machine's main shaft, a suitable size washer can be equipped, but during the cutting process, pay attention to whether the saw blade shakes, and if necessary, check whether the washer falls off. If the washer continues to be used after falling off, it is easy to cause the saw blade to jitter during cutting, which eventually leads to the saw blade becoming round and unable to continue

  Continue to use. Out-of-roundness means that there is more wear on one side of the blade and less wear on one side of the blade. You can see the difference in the level of wear of the blade from the appearance.

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