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What is the difference between the number of teeth of cemented carbide woodworking saw blades?
2020-06-18 11:18:41

  What is the difference between the number of teeth of cemented carbide woodworking saw blades?

  Generally speaking, the more teeth, the more cutting edges per unit time, the better the cutting performance, but the more cutting teeth, the greater the number of cemented carbide, the higher the price of the saw blade, but the teeth are too dense , The amount of chips between the teeth becomes smaller, which is easy to cause the blade to heat; in addition, there are too many teeth. When the feed rate is not properly matched, the amount of cutting per tooth is very small, which will aggravate the friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece and affect the service life of the cutting edge. . The tooth spacing is usually 15-25mm, and a reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the sawing material.

  Second, what is the difference between a 30-tooth wood saw blade and a 40-tooth wood saw blade?

  1. The cutting speed is different.

  2. The gloss is different.

  3. The angle of the teeth of the saw blade itself is also different.

  4. Saw blade body hardness, flatness, end jump and other requirements are also different. In addition, there are some requirements for the speed of the machine and the feed rate of wood.

  5. The precision of the equipment used to make the saw blade also has a lot to do.

  1. What is the difference between 40 teeth and 60 teeth?

  Because of the low friction force of the 40 teeth, it will save effort and the sound will be small, but the 60 teeth cut is smoother. The general carpentry uses 40 teeth. The prices are the same. To make the sound small, use a thicker one, but a thinner one is better. The larger the number of teeth, the smoother the sawing profile. If the stability of your machine is good, the sound will be lower.

  3. Why should the alloy saw blade be opened?

  1. Prevent the saw blade from pinching;

  2. Increase friction.

  In summary, the cutting surface with fewer teeth is not as smooth as the cutting surface with more teeth, the price of fewer teeth is cheaper than that of more teeth, and the less tooth is more difficult to burn the saw blade. If it is a multi-blade saw, it must use less teeth If it is a plywood type, you must use more teeth to reduce the edge collapse.

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