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What to do if the saw blade slows down
2020-06-18 10:54:36

  In the daily process of using the saw blade base, you will encounter many small problems. For example, what should be done when the saw blade base slows down at startup,

  The following diamond saw blade manufacturers tell you how to deal with:

  The blade base can run after the blade is stable, and the blade can not be started when the blade edge of the blade base is in contact with the block material. The blade base is not allowed to rotate during cutting. It should be stopped after the exit of the blade base.

  If you find that there is sloshing during cutting, you should stop cutting immediately. You can continue working after the block is fixed firmly. Do not move the block at random during cutting.

  When cutting, it is found that the saw blade base has obvious deceleration or even knife clamping. It may be caused by the slippage of the belt, the loosening of the nut, or the depth of the knife is too large, and the speed of the knife is too fast. It should be adjusted in time.

  Okay, the above is how to deal with the deceleration of the saw blade base.

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